Images of the North Pole
By: Kamal Chakraverty

At the North Pole

  This expedition was arranged by Robert Russell and his very Charming wife Ari, of Global expedition. I went from New York to London to Oslo to Longyearbyen in Svalbard. We stayed at SAS Radission - northernmost hotel in the world. On 14th we had a delayed start at about 2 PM Oslo time or 8 AM NYT - arrived at Camp Borneo in about 3or 4 hours. From there we took a Russian helicopter ride to Northpole itself. We had Vodka and Champaign at the North Pole at 90 degree North - took all the pictures we could, stayed for about three very sunny & beautiful hours at the top of the World. People there were: Robert Russell, the expedition leader, a father Alan from CT and his son Kier from Chicago, Jim from Michigan, and I forgot his name from Toronto. There were two Saudi men and one Indian girl were waiting at Longyearbyen for the proper Russian plane and instructor-guide for skydiving. Our plane was an Antonov operated by very friendly Russians. A couple of days before ours some people had miserable weather and time at the Pole. We were very lucky. Robert Russell is a great organizer. From Longyearbyen we had snowmobile ride to a glacier in good, bad and snow-stormed weather. It was really exhilarating

Longyearbyen in Svalbard Islands

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