Roster of:
Vilhjalmur Stefansson's
Vilhjalmur Stefanssonís 1913 - 1918 Arctic Expedition

Stefansson had three ships on this expedition. They were:  Karluk, Mary Sachs,and Alaska.

Roster of Karluk:

Robert A. Bartlett, Master
Alex (Sandy) Anderson, First Officer
Charles Barker, Second Officer
John Munro, Chief Engineer
Robert Williamson, Second Engineer
John Brady, Seaman
G. Breddy, Fireman
Ernest Chafe (Charley), Messroom Boy
A. King Golightly), Seaman
Fred Maurer, Fireman
S. Stanley Morris, Seaman
Robert Templeman, Cook and Steward
H. Williams (Clam), Seaman

Scientific Staff:
Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Commander
Diamond Jenness, Anthropologist
Burt McConnell, Secretary
George H. Wilkins, Photographer
Henri Beauchat, Anthropologist
Alistair Forbs Mackay, Surgeon
William L. McKinlay, Magnetician and Meteorologist
George Malloch, Geologist
Bjarne Mamen, Assistant Topographer
James Murray, Oceanographer

Eskimo Family
Kiruk (known as "Auntie")
Helen (child)
Mugpi (child) (correctly: Makpii)

Mascot: Nigeraurak, the cat

scource: McKinlay, William Laird. Karluk, The Great Untold Story Of Arctic Exploration. NewYork: St. Martinís Press,1976,  18-19

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