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Svalbard (Norwegian Administration) is a territory which includes the islands ranging between 74° and 81° of latitude North and between 10° and 35° of longitude East. The largest of the islands is Spitsbergen. The other islands are Nordaustlandet, Edgeøya, Barentsøya, Kong Karls Land, Kvitøya, Hopen and Bjørnøya. Svalbard is bordered by the Arctic ocean in the North, the sea of Barents in the South and the East, and by the sea of Greenland in the West. Theses pictures ares taken from the site

78°13 - 15°35
Camping and Isfjord Bay
August 2002
© Pascal Boisson

Longyearbyen (1600 inhabitants) and Barentsburg (1000 inhabitants) in Isfjord Bay, and Ny-Alesund
(100 inhabitants) are the three principal communities of Svalbard.

78°23 - 16°45
Sassenfjorden - Backgrnd
River Sassendalen
July 2002
Neil McQuillan

View of Sassenfjorden and the largest river of Svalbard, Sassendalen. In summer, temperatures in Svalbard sometimes go up to 12°C.

78°58 - 12°03
From Blomstrand Island
July 2001
Olivier Paris

The King's Bay area (Kongsfjorden) is the most known and most studied area of Svalbard.
Ny-Alesund was the starting point of expeditions of Nobile and Amundsen to reach the North Pole.

78°12 - 15°44
April 1984
Christian Roux

An American firm, directed by John Munroe Longyear, started a coal mine at the current location in 1906, and called it Longyear City.

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