Yukon/klondike Gold rush images
by: Jack L. McSherry, III
This series of images  is a virtual "period" tour of the path of the stampeders during the Klondike Gold Rush. People from all over the United States made their way to west coast ports for the voyage north. And Gold!
(Inside Passage)
After boarding a steamer the gold seeker would sail north through the Inside Passage.
(Port of Skagway, Alaska)
The stampeder would arrive at the port of Skagway or Dyea Alaska. Each would  unload their ton of goods and stockpile them while they set up partnerships and prepared to cross the mountains over the Chilkoot or White Pass.
[Area Known As The Scales (foreground), With The Chilkoot Pass (background)]
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About 16 miles beyond he trail head at Dyea, the stampeders would arrive at the "scales" and prepare to carry their ton of goods over the Golden Stairs, the Chilkoot Pass. A stampeder may have to make as many as 40 trips up the stairs to get all of their supplies to the top. Of note, the top of this image, and the next, is the false summit, and only half way!
(The Chilkoot Pass, 1898)
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