Greely  Expedition
(Lady Franklin Bay Expedition)
Sgt. David Ralston Document Collection and Diary ||| Jacob Bender Diary and Directory
||| Greely Expedition Roster |||
Image of Greely Crew ||| Imgage of Original Crew Prior to Changes ||| Image of Survivors
||| Lady Franklin Bay Expedition Departs, 1881 |||
Remains of Sergeant Linn, 1884 ||| Ellison's Body In Pottsville, 1884 ||| Ellison's Grave
Funeral of Cpl. Henry and Pvt. Schneider ||| Last Days of Lt. Kislingbury ||| Schley Report, July 17, 1884
Dr. Pavy and the Polar Expedition ||| An Arctic Journal (Dr. Pavy) ||| Historic Image of Fort Conger
Greely's Chances of Obtaining Provisions, 1883 ||| Whaler - Adams searches for the Greely Party, 1883
Lieutenant Garlington's Serious Mistake (Greely Relief) ||| The Loss of the Proteus
||| A Horrible Discovery, Greely Expedition, 1884 ||| Evidence of Cannibalism |||
 Image of Greely Expedition Survivors, 1884 ||| Is Arctic Exploration Worth its Cost? (1884)
Farthest North Image ||| Greely Exhibit, 1893 |||  Return of the Greely Expedition Bodies, 1884
U.S.R.C. Bear, Greely Relief ||| Yantic, Greely Relief Expedition ||| The Greely Reception at Newburyport.
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