Greely Expedition
David Columbus Ralston Collection
Contributed by: Beverly S. Adam

A  Collection of Documents from the Family of Sgt. Ralston, Contributed by: Beverly S. Adam. If you have questions or additional information  to aid in the reseach of this individual, or the Greely expedition, Click Here
Biographical information related to Sgt. David Ralston and his family
Related Documentation:
Marriage Certificate of David and Mattilda (Fisher) Ralston (168K file) ||| Location of the Grave of  Matilda Ralston (160K file)
Death Certificate of Eberhard Fisher (125K file) ||| Birth Certificate of  Matilda  Amanda  Ralston (120K file)
  Affidavit Sgt. David Ralston Pension Record, page 1 (236K file) ||| Sgt. David Ralston Affidavit of daughter residency  (187K file)
Commitment document of Matilda Ralston (135K file) ||| Death Certificate of Matilda Ralston (123K file)
Sgt. David Ralston's diary 1883 - 1884
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