St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrate
Saturday morning, August 9, 1884
The Bodies of the Dead Explorers in the Hospital at Governor's Island
New York, August 8. - The Greely expedition ships Bear, Thetis and Alert, arrived at noon off Governor's Island. Secretary Lincoln and Generals Sheridan and Hancok, with other army and naval officers with troops, received the bodies from the vessels. The forts fired a funeral salute.
The following is a list of the dead and the places of burial:
Lieut. James E. Lockwood, Annapolis.
Lieut. Fred F. Kislingbury, Rochester, N.Y.
Sergeant Isreal, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Sergeant David Ralston, Howard, Knox county, O.
Sergeant David Linn, Philadelphia.
Sergeant Wm. Cross, Washington.
Corporal Joseph Ellison, Pottsville, PA.
Private Wm. Whistler, Delhi, Ind.
Private Wm. A. Ellis, Clyde, N.Y.
 After the bodies were landed they were escorted by troops to the hospital, where they lay in state under a guard of honor until removed by their friends.
To-morrow morning Rev. Dr. Goodwin, Chaplan of Governor's Island, will read a burial service over the dead and deliver a sermon. the bodies of Sergeants Henry and Schneider will be sent to Cypress Hill, the former to the vault to await an order from Germany; the latter for internment in the Government plot. The other bodies have been claimed by relatives.
About 4 o'clock this afternoon the bodies of all except Henry and Scheider were replaced in wooden cases and conveyed to the barge, whence they will be taken to the railroads, which will bear them to their final resting places.
Private Henry will be buried to-morrow morning at Cypress Hill, in the G.A.R. plot.
Private Scheider's body will remain at the Island for a few days, as it is thought his relatives in Chemnitz, Germany, may claim.
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