Jack L. McSherry, Jr., Inc.
Professional Engineers, Consulting Engineers
150 Indian Hill Road
Conestoga, PA. 17516

Jack L. McSherry, III, PE., SEO.

I graduated from Penn State University in 1982 with a bachelor of science in Engineering. I Passed the Engineer in Training Exam that same year. Then I completed a 4 year Engineering Internship followed by passing the Professional Engineering Exam in 1987.

Employment: 1982-present Chief Engineer with Jack L. McSherry, Jr. Inc., Consulting Engineers.

As a Professional Engineer I have been involved in all aspects of design of:  buildings, houses, bridges, roads, dams, foundations, retaining walls, concrete slabs, sewer systems, water systems, storm control systems and parking facilities.

I have been involved with, and have experience in soil testing, cost estimating, permit acquisition, ordinance writing, inspection, and municipal planning and review.

Environment and conservation related work includes creation of man made animal habitat, restoration of streams and ponds, documentation and protection of wetlands, designing controls and plans to protect against soil erosion, design of sewage facilities using both conventional and unconventional technology, and the design of containment structures for hazardous waste.

Special Note:
August 2008 my name was included as a nomination candidate, and therefore under the consideration of Governor Edward Rendell for the position of:  Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Sewage Enforcement officer:
In 1997, I passed the PA-DEP Sewage Enforcement Exam and became a Certified Sewage Enforcement Officer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Related work: Have designed over 1500 on-site septic systems for both commercial and residential uses.  This includes new systems and repair of existing system malfunctions. Often having to design under conditions not anticipated by the PA-DEP regulations.

In 2001 I met all the requirements and became certified as an Emergency Certified Public School Teacher in Pennsylvania. This indicates an ability to communicate well and be able to present ideas in a logical format to a willing public.

Arctic Exploration and Website Creation.
In 2002, I created “The Arctic Website” (arcticwebsite.com) to promote the history, science and adventure of the arctic. The website features my own exploration as well as, a complete history of arctic exploration over the centuries. In addition I have recorded a great deal of information on such items as wildlife, geological sites, glacier study, native people, natural history and environmental data.

This website is used for research by scientists, historians, schools and universities world wide. It is also referenced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association as well as Parks Canada.

More information and details on qualifications upon request.

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