Modern Supply Checklist
By: Jack L. McSherry, III

Modern Arctic/Sub-Arctic Supply Checklist

This is a comprehensive list of supplies needed for a trip into the Arctic or Sub-Arctic wilderness. This list is for a traveler on a hiking, hunting or exploration trip. Not all of the items are needed for every trip. Every traveler should have information as to the temperature variation of the area to be visited, as well as, the dangers and the availability of help. Travelers should remember that they  may have to solve their own problems, make their own repairs, and find their own food. The traveler should also be aware of the local laws and items that may be prohibited. The following list is recommended, however, a visitor to these regions must use their own judgement in determining the supplies for the challenges they will face.

.44 mag. Winchester model 94 trapper Rifle  (recommended survival rifle, if not hunting. (See: Survival Firearms)
Hunting Rifle (sized properly for particular game, and range)
ammunition (take more then needed)
8 inch knife
4 inch knife
propane stove
cook pot
tin cup
tin plate
water proof matches
trick birthday candles (fire starter that won't blow out)
screw driver - slotted
screw driver - phillips
electrical tape
rain poncho
space blanket
50 ft. of rope
Coat - rated to temperature conditions
insulated pants or coveralls - rated to conditions
insulated boots - rated to conditions
winter vest
sleeping bag - rated to conditions
frame back pack
backpack rain cover
cooking knife
snow shoes
compass or GPS. Unit
trash bags
small flashlight
needle and thread
folding fishing gear
mittens (for over gloves)
masonry hammer
camera and film
signal mirror
box zip lock bags
utility/cartridge belt
two canteens or water bottles
water filter/purification tablets
plier multi-tool
toilet paper
tooth brush and floss
advil and pepto-bismol
soap and towel
instant coffee and tea
USGS  maps & historical maps
saw or hatchet
instant oatmeal
instant hot chocolate
protein bars
wet wipes
sunglasses or goggles
mosquito netting
sun screen 30 +

In-country purchase needs:
bug repellant
bic lighter
gold pan (if prospecting)
bear repellant

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