On To The North Pole
Lieutenant Peary’s Adventures and Sufferings in Progress Toward the Goal of Ages

The American public has learned with interest that Lieutenant Peary and his party are pushing toward the North Pole. The expedition has been attended by much danger and considerable suffering. The great explorer sledged two hundred and fifty pounds miles north over almost impassable ice to Fort Conger, the headquarters of the Greely expedition. He found the place just as General Greely had left it. The table was standing from the last meal, and all other appointments had remained undisturbed for sixteen years. The buildings were in fair condition, though some of them would not be serviceable for too much longer. He took possession of all property, real and personal, in the name of the United States Government, and posted notices to that effect. Lieutenant Peary had the misfortune to have some of his toes frozen to such an extent as to necessitate amputation, but he was fortunate in being able to recover in a short time and is now able to walk as well as before.

Source: Marden, Orison Swift, ed., “On To The North Pole,” Success - An Illustrated Family Weekly of Inspiration, Progress and Self-Help. September 30, 1899, 734.

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