Seattle No. 3
    Most Alaskan miners were honest about how they obtained their gold, but a few would stop at nothing in their lust to acquire the yellow metal. . . Two such men were Frederick Wright and R.P. Quinn. Both men were disappointed prospectors who in 1907 hatched a plan to hijack a shipment of 83 ounces of dust from the Steamer SEATTLE #3. To this end, both men signed on as deck hands before the steamer left Fort Yukon. The plan was, simply, that they would loot the shipment enroute, and then dispose of it by throwing it in the river, marked with a buoy, just upriver from xxxx Landing. Later, when the 'heat' had died down, they could return and recover the gold at their leisure.
    The first flaw in their plan occurred when xxxx Landing showed up before they were ready. As a result, the bag of dust was quckly collected, cord wrapped, and then thrown overboard. . . so quickly in fact, that the cord attaching the heavy bag to the marker buoy parted even as it was thrown in the river.
    The second flaw happened when Wright panicked and left the steamer at xxxx Landing. This hasty departure aroused the ships officers suspicions and they quickly discovered the theft of the gold. Of course, Quinn was also suspect since he had often been seen in the company of Wright.
With Wright being captured on shore, and Quinn being held aboard the steamer, it didn't take long for authorities to elicit a confession. . . At the trial, Quinn received five years and Wright only one. Wright even helped deputies search the river for the missing bag of gold. . . but it has never been recovered. DISTANT JUSTICE also SEWARD WEEKLY GATEWAY newspaper for September 14th, 1907

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