Month: April 2022

6 Characteristics of the Continent of Antarctica That Distinguish It From Other Continents

The land area on earth is divided into 6 types of continents. There are America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica. Antarctica is often called the South Pole. This one continent has special characteristics that other continents do not have. The characteristics of the Antarctic continent will be described in detail below.

Eternal Snow Continent

The continent of Antarctica is referred to as the eternal snowy continent throughout the year. That’s because most of the continent’s places are on the south side of the equator (the imaginary line of the path from the sun through the earth). The continent does not receive enough sunlight every year.

The land surface temperature of the Antarctic continent is below 0°C. No wonder the water content on the mainland is always frozen. Freezing water is what creates eternal snow every year even during the day (see also: Characteristics of the African Continent).

The Uninhabited Continent

Because it is located far from the equator (the equator), it can make the weather, climate, and temperature there only have one season. The season experienced is only the latest issue of snow that arrives almost all year round. The cold season is not suitable for a number of living ecosystems.

A continent that no country belongs to

Although there are many countries that explore and research a number of areas on the Antarctic continent, none of them admit that the continent is included in their country’s territory. But there are also some countries that have areas on the continent as their research territories. These countries include France, Germany, England, and America. This one continent also has its own international telephone signal, which is +672.

Continents that are located in the South of the Earth

Another characteristic of the continent of Antarctica is its location. Based on its geographical location, namely on the surface of the map and satellite images, Antarctica is in the south of the earth. When viewed from the position of the latitude and longitude of the bland continent, it is also below the equator or the equator.

Antarctica Only Has Tundra Vegetation

There are some scientists who say that the Antarctic continent is a desert. This is because the rainfall is only 200 mm per year. In addition, the continent also has a barren land contour with hurricanes blowing. With these topographical conditions, the only vegetation that can grow is the tundra. Tundra itself is a type of moss plant that can survive in areas where the temperature is below 0°C.

His nickname is Southern Magnetic Continent

Based on the direction system that applies throughout the world, this one continent is a continent that has magnetic poles pointing to the south. It is part of the north magnetic pole. From there the nickname can exist.


Thus 6 characteristics of the continent of Antarctica. Each continent must have its own characteristics that distinguish it from the others.