Arctic and Sub-Arctic expedition Chronology

Arctic Expeditions

Arctic and Sub-Arctic expedition chronology:

Including Northwest Passage, Arctic, Scientific, Relief, and Polar Expeditions.
1576 Sir Martin Frobisher (N. W. Passage Expedition)
1587 John Davis Expedition (West Greenland), (Discovered Davis Straight) (73.12N)
1594 William Parents (sometimes listed as Barentz) (Near Cape Nassau N. Z.), (77.20N)
1596 J. C. Ryp and Jacob Heemskerck, (Spitzbergen), (79.49N)
1602 Captains Weymouth and Knight (N. W. Passage Expedition)
1607 Henry Hudson (E. Spitzbergen Sea), (80.23N)
1612 Sir Thomas Bultow, (N. W. Passage Expedition)
1616 William Baffin (Smith Sound), (discovered Baffin Bay) (77.45N)
1632 Foxe Expedition, (N. W. Passage Expedition)
1746 Middleton Expedition, (N. W. Passage Expedition)
1769 John Hearne Expedition
1773 J. W. Phipps (Lord Mulgrave) (Spitzbergen Sea), (80.48N)
1776 Captain James Cook (N. W. Passage Expedition), Ships: Resolution and Discovery
1789 Mackenzie (discovered mouth of Mackenzie River), (N. W. Passage Expedition)
1790 Captain Duncan, (N. W. Passage Expedition)
1793 Captain Vancouver, (N. W. Passage Expedition), Ship: Resolution
1806 Captain Scoresby (whaler, first ship to sail into Polar Sea), (81.30N)
1815 Lieutanant Kotzebue, (N. W. Passage Expedition)
1818 John Ross, ships: Isabella and Alexander
1819 Parry’s First Voyage, Lieutenant Lindon, ships: Hecla and Griper
1819 Franklin’s First Expedition, Captain Buchan, ships: Dorothea and Trent
1821 Parry’s Second Expedition, Captain Lyon, (N. W. Passage Expedition)ships: Hecla and Fury
1824 Parry’s Third Voyage, (82.45N), (N. W. Passage Expedition)ships: Hecla and Fury
1825 Franklin’s Second Expedition, Captain Lyon, (N. W. Passage Expedition)
1827 Parry Expedition (said to have rrived within 435 miles of North Pole) ship: Helca
1829 John Ross Expedition, (N. W. Passage Expedition)ship: Victory
1833 Back’s Expedition, (N. W. Passage Expedition) (explored Great fish River)
1836 Back’s Voyage, ship: Terror
1845 Franklin Expedition, ships: Erebus and Terror
1848 Collison and Sir (Rodrick) McClure, HMS Enterprise, HMS Investgator Franklin Relief Expeditions
1848 More and Maguire, (search for Franklin), ship: Plover
1848 Sir J. Richardson and Dr. Rae, (search for Franklin)
1848 Ross Expedition, (search for Franklin)
1848 Kellett Expedition, (search for Franklin)
1849 Saunders Expediton, (search for Franklin)
1850 Austin and Ommaney Expedition, (search for Franklin)
1850 Penny Expedition, (search for Franklin)
1850 Ross Expedition, (search for Franklin)
1852 E. A. Inglefield, (78.28N)
1852 Belcher Expedition, (search for Franklin)
1852 Osborn Expedition,(search for Franklin)
1853 Dr. Elisha Kent Kane Expedition, (80.10N), ship: Advance, Franklin search expedition
1861 I. I. Hayes Expedition, (80.11N)
1868 Nordenskiold and Otter Expedition, (81.42N)
1871 Hall’s Expedition, (82.11N) ship: Polaris
1874 Yeyprecht and Payer Expedition, (82.05N)
1875 G. S. Nares Expedition, (82.48N)
1876 G.S.Nares Expedition II, (83.20N)
1879 John Muir’s First Alaska Expedition
1879 George W. Delong’s Expedition, ship: Jeannette
1880 John Muir’s Second Alaska Expedition
1881 Greely Expedition, (83.24N), ship: Proteus
1890 John Muir’s Third Alaska Expedition
1892 Robert Peary Greenland Expedition
1893 Fridtjof Nansen’s Expedition, (86.04N), ship: Fram
1895 Fredrick G. Jackson Expedition
1900 R.E. Peary, (83.50N)
1901 Baldwin-Ziegler North Pole Expedition, ships: America, Fithjof, and Belgica
1902 R.E. Peary, (84.17N)
1905 Duke of the Abruzzi, Luigi Amadeo, Polar Expedition (86.34N)
1906 R.E.Peary, (87.06N)
1909 Robert Peary Polar Expedition, (90N), ship: Roosevelt
1909 Frederick Cook Polar Expedition, (90N)
1911 Albatross, Bureau of Fisheries, ship: Albatross
1913 Vilhjalmur Stefansson ships: Karluk, Mary Sachs, and Alaska
1925 Richard Byrd’s Greenland Expedition
1926 Richard Byrd’s North Pole Flight, (90N)

Expeditions 1926 to Present
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