Captain Hall’s Polaris Expedition Roster, 1871

Roster of:

Hall’s expedition of 1871

Captain Hall’s Polaris Expedition Roster, 1871
C. F. Hall (Commander)
Sidney O. Buddington (Sailing and Ice Master)
George Tyson (Assistant Navigator)
H. C. Chester (First Mate)
William Morton (Second Mate)
Emil Schuman (Chief Engineer)
Alvin A. Odell (Assistant Engineer)
Walter F. Campbell (Fireman)
John W. Booth (Fireman)
John Herron (Steward)
William Jackson (Cook)
Nathan J. Coffin (Carpenter)

Herman Sieman
Frederick Anthing
J. W. C. Kruger
Henry Hobby
William Lindermann
Joseph B. Mauch
G. W. Lindquist
Peter Johnson
Frederick Jamka
Noah Hayes

Scientific Corps:
Emil Bessel (Surgeon and Chief of Scientific Corps)
R. W. D. Bryan (Astronomer and Chaplin)
Frederick Meyer (Meteorologist)

Ebeeing (Joe)
Yukilitoo (Hannah)

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